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Moshiach in the Parsha
After Moses finished telling over to the Jewish people all the commands from G-d, the Torah describes how G-d commanded him to go up to his final resting place (Devarim 32:48-50): “And the Lord spoke to Moses on that very day, saying. Go up this Mount Avarim [to] Mount Nebo... And die on the mountain upon which you are climbing and be gathered to your people...”

Why does the Torah use the expression "on that very day"? Rashi explains: The children of Israel said, “We swear by such and such, that if we notice Moses [ascending the mountain to die], we will not let him do so! The man who brought us out of Egypt, divided the Red Sea for us, brought the manna down for us... and gave us the Torah-we will not let him!” Thereupon, the Holy One, Blessed is He, said: “I will have Moses ascend the mountain in the middle of the day!” - [Sifrei 32:47]

Apparently, though, the Jews knew that Moses' time had come. How did they have the audacity to go against the will of G-d, not to allow Moses to ascend the mountain?

From here we see the depth of the loyalty of the Jewish people to Moses, their leader and teacher. They were prepared to defy G-d's order, but could not envision the possibility of entering the land of Israel without Moses.

This event teaches us the measure of loyalty and devotion the Jewish people had for their leaders. We, too, must demand of G-d to allow our leader, Moshiach, to reveal himself and lead the Jewish people into Israel, with the true and complete Redemption.



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