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The Last Word

Family Purity (Taharas Hamishpacha)

  • "This is the great task an mission which God gave to Jewish women - to observe and disseminate the observance of Taharas Hamishpacha, and of the other vital intuitions of Jewish family life. For besides being the fundamental mitzvos and the cornerstone of the well-being of the children in body and soul, these pervade and extend through all Jewish generation to eternity."

  • "Even if the observance of the laws and regulation of Taharas Hamishpacha entailed a certain effort or even sacrifice on the part of the parents, surely it would be done eagerly, knowing that in addition to the essential thing of the need of observing God's commands for their own sake, these observances have a direct influence on children, and through them on grandchildren and so on. Of what account, therefore, is a temporary inconvenience or effort by comparison to the everlasting benefit in terms of good health, physical and spiritual, and true Nachas, etc. All the more so since the inconvenience or effort are smaller than imagined.".

  • Since men and women have opposite natures, a union between them needs to recognize their differences. The Torah recognizes the existence of these tow opposing tendencies. Therefore it provides for times when a couple join together and times when their union is forbidden. This pattern has been successful in developing harmonious marriages. Scientists and doctors have explained reasons for that success, but the underlying reasons extend beyond human knowledge, for the laws of Taharas Hamishpacha are God's Wisdom and Will.

(Excerpted from letters written by the Rebbe on 18th of Elul 5735 and 14th of Sivan 5724)



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