Record Attendance in Camp Gan Israel Highland Park NJ

The joyous sounds of fun and laughter reverberate through Rutgers Chabad House, which has now been transformed into a summer wonderland - the home of Camp Gan Israel Highland Park! The smiling faces and excited cheers attest to the fact that something spectacular is taking place here! The campers at CGI enjoy a full day of professionally planned activities. Their counselors and specialty counselors are filling every moment with meaning, lots of fun, as well as new skills that they will enjoy for a lifetime. At dance and gymnastics, the children are quite literally stretching beyond their horizons!

Sports is not simply high-paced and thrilling, it is an opportunity to practice teamwork and cooperation. The art projects being produced are enjoyable to create and thrilling to bring home! Take a step outside and the splashing sounds will lead you straight to the two impeccably clean pools. The children are guided in instructional swimming with our skilled lifeguards, and playful free swim is always a highlight!

Campers and staff enjoy learning daily with Rabbi Shaya, who is inspiring our campers with a love for Yiddishkeit. The campers are treated as well to hot, fresh breakfast and lunch every day! Not only is this delightful for them, but for their happy parents who are delighted to be relieved from daily lunch-packing duties! A short tour of the hallways and bunks at CGI leaves a happiness in your heart that lingers for a long time... the bonding, singing, discovering and exploring is truly an experience of a lifetime.

5:48 PM in New Brunswick, NJ
Shabbat Ends 6:48 PM
Friday, 22 Oct 2021

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